Puff of Smoke

My thristy lips,the oneĀ  kissing her.Emptiness of time, inhaling in smoke.Puffs of white cloud, facing me around; My passionate fingers,the one holding her.Sweetness of past, delving in smoke. Ashes of dormant Volcano, falling on ground; My foamed lungs,the one breathingĀ  her.wings of desires, duding in smoke.joyed warm air rising high, and cheerless ashes falling to... Continue Reading →

Broken Promise

Frosty Cold, Ural shivering, And Volga frozen.; White wolves,Howling above thundering winter.Red Blizzard,Blowing below freezing blood.; Stalingrad, new graveyard,For soldiers and the far lives,On their shoulders.; Humanity shivering, And life Frozen.; Red Soldier,Benzov promising to love. For you, I will bleed and survive.For you, I will fight and kill.For you, I will breathe and live.For... Continue Reading →

I am Creating Her

I am creating her, With warm breeze of lust and desire; She has bright color, Like blossom of night attracting to mate..; And smells, like a whitetail deer running to date..; The air I breathe is warm, And around is colder; I am creating her rosy lips, From dawn's scattered red light..; Sun falling like... Continue Reading →

Freedom Saga

Hey imperialist ! I am the young man..you robbed me and my countrymen.. you compelledĀ  us, to grow indigo..On the heart of mother, we grew.. we spiced your food and let you live..you taxed the salt and lets us die.. we ploughed the land, and given you golden grains..you chained us in fields, and given... Continue Reading →

Lost Life Hope

My heart beats for her..My soul breaths for her; As she got slipped away, from my fingers..My life is slipping away, from my reach; It seems barren miles and miles..No greenery, no hope, no life at all; I sleeps, she wakes up in my dreamy night..I wake up, she disappears in day light; My mind... Continue Reading →

State contrary to Darwin’s Evolution

It usually takes centuries  for new, distinct genes to emerge, even longer. At first, humans behaved like animals. If the environmental conditions adverse to an excessive amount of, they need merely migrated and inhabited new areas that were a lot of useful. Since the invention of agriculture, population massively modified the surroundings. Smart farmers might... Continue Reading →

The Five Classes

I am critical on economy, I have lot to say always.  Its high monsoon in city and despite of heavy rain and alert when IT offices  were on declared Off. Workers in metro rail project were regular on duty. A woman working in rain with child on back, by looking, I guess she would be... Continue Reading →

Society on Being Cool

People allege me of having Political biases. I am very honest on my writings, and as far as religion, race, gender and caste is considered i am neutral. Off course, i am, biased for well being of people, BUT.. Who is not biased? Gandhi: NO..! He had inclination towards his own ideology of Gandhian Socialism.Nehru... Continue Reading →

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