‘Mission Mangal’ review- Propaganda Genre?

I used to hit banana shots in my old days of football. I prefer such shots over long hits and spot kicks, this was new with little trick but looks more fancy.

Today i watched Mission Mangal, Before starting, let me throw light on The spectacular Mars Orbiter Mission. It is India’s first interplanetary mission and it made ISRO the fourth space agency to reach Mars. Though least expensive, it made India the first Asian nation to reach Martian orbit and the first in the world to do so in its maiden attempt.

Akshay Kumar tweeted “Ek Desh. Ek Sapna. Ek Ithihaas. The true story of India’s Space Mission to Mars is here.”.

Well.! but when you have moguls like Aaksay and Tapsee Pannu how can it be a science film. Children are more likely to fall for propaganda than becoming aspiring scientists. Behind Idea is to spark nationalism to create political opportunities for right parties. Movie took the dramatization to another level that story starts to sound work of total fiction.

Movie shows daily lives of MOM scientists, which doesn’t reflect the real mission’s team. Sometimes I felt am watching Life in a metro 2.0. In ground, cities are secular, I am inconvenienced that A lady struggles to find housing in India as a Muslim woman.

For me, There is linkage between science and nationalism, a bad science film can’t propagate good nationalism. Movie epitomizes above lines of mines, it undermines ISRO’s innovations of fixing technical challenges by displaying it as ‘Jugaad’, how unjust!

How director can simplify science concepts by dumbing down, what film did… drew analogies between space and everything around, seems creative stupidity.

I was expecting science on calculations, algorithms for orbital calculation, gravitational waves, radiations, Metallurgy but Director has assumed scientist don’t have fundamentals of projectile path cleared.

I am an admirer of science geniuses. they always did excellent work for humanity. Sir Issac Newton, Albert Einstein no scientist ever confined his/her innovation to particular society but for well-being of humanity. Aryabhata discovered Zero, and exported it to rest of the world. Did Louis Pasteur said ‘I am creating vaccines for France’.

Remember Kalpana Chawla, no matter she worked for NASA, her achievement in space science is incredible which makes India proud till this very day. I am not deluding readers that film failed to present ideological view of a scientist, its clear from lines — “Scientist banne ka kya fayda agar mera science mere desh ke kaam nahin a saka,”.

Mangal Yaan

China refered Mars Orbiter Mission as the “Pride of Asia”. US National Space Society’s awarded 2015 Space Pioneer Award. An image taken by the MOM spacecraft was the cover photo of National Geographic magazine for “Mars: Race to the Red Planet”.
India is carrying out satellite launching of developed countries like Italy, Israel, France signifying its big achievement. ISRO has always been source of pride for India.

And the ‘Mission Mangal’film, a banana shot by Jagan Shakti, has its own mission.

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