Society on Being Cool

People allege me of having Political biases. I am very honest on my writings, and as far as religion, race, gender and caste is considered i am neutral. Off course, i am, biased for well being of people, BUT..
Who is not biased?

Gandhi: NO..! He had inclination towards his own ideology of Gandhian Socialism.
Nehru : NO..! Left inclination.
Modi : NO..! Right inclination.

Ones views seem to be biased when looked from the perspective of prevalent views.

So is there any one who is most unbiased??. An Absolute Cool Guy.

Ask him, who will win elections ;

The Cool Guy: I don’t give damn.

What your thoughts on women empowerment in our country ;

The Cool Guy: I don’t give damn.

Well you got the answer.. only absolutely cool, fools and idiots can unbiased.
But being cool is fine, at least you are not harming society.

When I was in my late teenage, like all other teenagers, I tried to figure out what was cool. Being dude wasn’t, nor was being academically good . Playing sports, to some extent but not wholly .

When I was in college, I wore my jeans low on my hips, loose shirts and spiky hairs . I was cool, at leaset close, I thought. But not or may be.

I looked around and identified the characteristics of the cool guys: confident, ignorant, stupid, neglected, slutty, violent, cruel. The coolest of the cool came from abrupt background, and ultra cools were kick out from families and were living on their ownes. The better the social values attributed, the less cool the guy.

I further looked and thought, who could be the absolute coolest guy? Chain Smoker, alcoholic .. No, no… ! A drug addict! And then I realized: the coolest possibly be, a don’t care attitude.

No wonder, in your young age, you were in confusion. you thought, where am I going wrong? I’m doing all the things I’m supposed to do: studying, exercising, stopping bike at red signal, participating in social activities, daily taking baths, supporting mainstream ideology , being a nice to women, non alcoholic and never being communal, sexist or casteist.

What I am getting in return? . Life is a lump of shit. Meanwhile bogus were having a riotous and luxury time.

If you thought so you were certainly wrong.
You did right, coolness can had land you at troubles. It is better to be a well-raised, mannered, and educated which leads to good jobs, high earning and lovely wives in life ahead.

Football is most popular world sport, but not in India. Why?. A 90 mins play time, vibrant sport can’t be a Gentleman’s game. So the reason behind non popularity in India. But why footballers jerseys outsell cricket counterparts even in India?.. Because fashion is looking attractive, sexy, and cool. Messi Printed Jerseys are more cooler than Kholi.

In conservative society, like India being cool is not too cool. A girl married her boy in court .. How Cool is That..! It just took 15 mins, no dowry , no card selling, no crowd. But you don’t know how cruel the society could be to such coolness,. May face boycott or even more .
You can be highly skilled and knowledgeable but can’t grab a job in average IT company by wearing casual attire and attitude in interview. But these are least much in giant IT that inherits from western societies.. Ask, Will anyone marry his daughter to alcoholic? NO.. might be to rude arrogant cruel sexiest but Not to alcoholic.

Youngs are more socially sensible and logical, change is gradual and guaranteed. I hope sooner or later new generation will replace established society positively by evaluating things more rationally .

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