The Five Classes

I am critical on economy, I have lot to say always. 

Its high monsoon in city and despite of heavy rain and alert when IT offices  were on declared Off. Workers in metro rail project were regular on duty. A woman working in rain with child on back, by looking, I guess she would be from countryside with her cultivating land being grabbed and allocated to mining, whatever the reason Is. No feminist bothered , no issue here. Feminism is product of developed world when they ran out of real issues.    

Labors were working, why?? .  

It took more than 10k workers to Burj Khalifa, where are they, why were not given fair shares. Further, mainstream media is neglect on them.         

You delivered a bug free code no matter how efficient your codes are, it can’t make you CEO or VP. Whether one works for metro , burj or Taj he will always remains a worker and treated like any other worker.

A Bollywood actor drunk and ran his car over foot path killing innocents and get away, and always treated like celebrity.

I feel dis hearted, phenomena is complex and Here comes the system of exploitation.   

A capitalist society is exploitive, the acquisition of money is the overall goal of society. People work to become rich, they treat fellow-men how rich they are no matter how corrupt unethical and inhuman they acted. 

In such, few accumulates a lot of wealth, others left with little to nothing. I back me, Asia’s richest man house and Asia’s largest slum shares same place.       

Since money as investment capital means non-performance participation in the labor of others , the possession of money also means the opportunity to earn more money. Of course, one also uses the money power as an opinion maker , what commoners thinks of the poor is decided by rich class. 

There are five class of actors.   


1. The Lords: The industrialists and Politicians. these makes up less than .000001%  of population  and owns more than 90% of wealth. They owns the system. Law is same for all but the lords are better at wriggling out of punishment.  might is right. They dictates government for policies.                

Sub Lords

2. The Sub Lords: Bollywood Tollywood stars, cricketers, Media houses . These are agents of lords having strong hold on general population, divert the population from  real issues. And are awarded by lords for loyalty. Get special privileges, and the police fear to arrest them for violations. 

3. Privileged class: Students and white Collar employees. For them their life is far from perfect, they work whole life in building small house and way to send their wards in private schools. Are privileged in a sense they have access to colleges flights hospitals and public jobs.             

4. Neglect class: beggars and sex workers. Poor people mostly victims of human trafficking. Having negligible role, are generally isolated from rest classes.       


5. Labor class: Farmers and workers(mostly unorganised sectors). They work in informal sector of economy. forms more than 80% of total GDP. Their work is hard and life an ordeal. Mental, physical and sexual abuse on them is common. They are divided by religion caste  language and culture and highly reluctant to unite on common misery.    

2 thoughts on “The Five Classes

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  1. The gap between the rich and poor in India seems to be even greater than the West/England. In England there was a social revolution about a hundred years ago that wanted basic benefits for the poorest. The wealthiest people did not like it but they eventually had to agree and so the welfare system was born. But still the wealthy seem to be chipping away at it and trying to reduce it down and down.
    Anyway I admire your empathy, the very poorest need support not rejection.

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  2. European societies are ahead, they have tasted the socialism blend with capitalism, one the one they following policy of minimum interfere on market on other providing welfare schemes through money generated by capitalism. This keep a cap on poor getting more poorer ,say Rich earns more pays more tax and benefit more to Poor. But this is not working for Asia and Africa , their economy is net importer , their capitalist fail to generate profit from outside , they earn by making their population poorer.


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