Freedom Saga

Hey imperialist ! I am the young man..
you robbed me and my countrymen..

you compelled  us, to grow indigo..
On the heart of mother, we grew..

we spiced your food and let you live..
you taxed the salt and lets us die..

we ploughed the land, and given you golden grains..
you chained us in fields, and given us the pain.

your Majesty is weak, and greed is high..
our life is hard, and struggle is easy..

Your bullets are hard, and courage is shorter..
Our chests are broad, and sacrifices are higher..

No other world, for us, elsewhere..
we born and, will die, here..

We lived low, our children and wives died, in dry..
But never low, to bleed you, in cry..

By Neil ( Copyright @ People’s Post)

5 thoughts on “Freedom Saga

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    1. With time society evolved.. so I don’t expect much from past. Today we live better world in comparison to past, so be proud of that. 😉 🙂


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