Broken Promise

Frosty Cold,
Ural shivering,
And Volga frozen.;

White wolves,
Howling above thundering winter.
Red Blizzard,
Blowing below freezing blood.;

Stalingrad, new graveyard,
For soldiers and the far lives,
On their shoulders.;

Humanity shivering,
And life Frozen.;

Red Soldier,
Benzov promising to love.

For you, I will bleed and survive.
For you, I will fight and kill.
For you, I will breathe and live.
For you, I will return and rejoice.;

Benzov entered the ground,
Bloody red and anguishing white.
Spirits of Wild Animals acceding,
Humans migrating, far to sky.
Luftwaffe thundering the fire,
Over the sky.
Red Fiercer clouds trooping,
White leaving the sky.;

Enemy soldier fired,
In treasury silence.
Bullet whispered, in Benzov’s ear.
I am not weak, to blow your skull.
I am not soft, to blow your heart.
Bullet for bullet and life for a life.;

Benzov fired, pushing up the pulse,
Enemy fall, by hard hit bullet’s impulse.
In willingness, to die for love.
In madness, to live for love.
In all combats, Benzov hold out for love.;

Reds wiped out the black wings,
Over the frozen Volga and rubble old Volgograd.

Marching towards Berlin, colouring red the new land.
Marching towards victory, finishing the lives fallen in hand.;

Dozed by Hooch, After tiring day, In shivering night.
Dreaming his lady, the healer of sorrow and pain.
Wrapping her in hand, feeling joy of thirsty arid in rain.;

Waked by yell and cry,
Of teenage girl screaming for help.
Fellow soldiers hungry with naked souls. Scratching skin from her waist,
And burning between lap.
Life freezing and humanity shivering,
Again and again.;

shouted to, take the steps..back,.
yelled to, leave her..back,
cried to, let her go.. back.;

Tears streaming from her eyes,
Tearing Benzov from inside.
Benzov fired the gun, as the only weapon to keep alive,
The humanity in new.., red’s world.;

Benzov fall to ground, with broken skull.
And with broken promise, with only left shipwrecked desires…

By Neil ( CopyRight @ People’s Post )

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